Data Logging for Flow Meters

 Tinytag Voltage, Current and Count Input Data Logger for Flowmeters

tiny tag - data logging for flow meters

This is a count data logger that is housed in a robust waterproof (IP68) rated case.
Common applications include flow rate and quality monitoring.

Popular Applications:

  • Flow Rate Monitoring
  • People Counting
  • Wind Speed
  • Rainfall


  • Count input data logger
  • Volt-free contact and digital input
  • 64,000 reading capacity
  • User- programmable logging interval
  • 2 user-programmable alarms
  • Delayed start option
  • 3 stop options
  • Robust waterproof case
  • User-replaceable battery

How does this relate to Flowmetering?

The Tinytag can be used on a static installation and will accurately record volumes of flow through the meter between specified times.  For instance if it is set to record once every minute it will capture the flow volume data either in graph or numeric form and clearly show the total volume passing through the Flowmeter every minute.  This data is easily downloaded on a laptop computer and transfers to an Excel sheet for further analysis and record keeping.  On this setting of one minute intervals the Tinytag will log for a total of 45 days before the information needs to be downloaded and the logger reset.
Some examples of the Data captured are shown below:

Date Captured and Downloaded from Tinytag Logger converted from attached Data Sheet into Graph form.

honiton installation graph

Data Captured and Downloaded from Tinytag Logger

S/N 756239
Type TGPR-1201
Description Honiton Installation
Property Total Flow Volume