In Cab Computer

Tanlake DD Slurry Monitor

Tanlake Remote DisplayThis is a comprehensive in-cab computer which reads the information from the Flowmeter and translates it into a number of read-out options, having gained additional information from GPS Speed Sensor, Radar, Implement Sensors or any other means of Speed Detection fitted.  

The Operator is given a visual display of all the information which can be downloaded against a specific customer or field reference.  This information includes flow rate(M3/hr), application rates, forward speed, area covered, and time and date.  In conjunction with a lap top computer it will hold any number of different tasks or customer details for downloading.   The download is performed using a USB stick onto purpose written software that is Microsoft compatible allowing for the preparation of Word or Excel documents.


Forward speed can be obtained from a number of sources including Trimble devices as well as the on-board Tractor electronics.

The Device is lightweight, has soft touch buttons, and secures to a side window with its own Suction Pad Holder.


The Flow Monitor and Flowmeter are easily fitted and are supplied with Wiring Loom and comprehensive instructions.  Connection to the Flowmeter is with a single cable which is easily  detachable from the wiring loom when the units are separated.

In difficult applications a Survey can be carried out and expert advice given on best practice and use. Staff training can be given on site if required, but telephone support is always available.


Krohne Flowmeter fitted to a standard Dribble Bar



Tanlake DD Slurry Monitor fitted in the Tractor Cab