In Line Flowmeter & FiF Cab Display (Krohne)

In Line Flowmeter Fact Sheet

This application has been popular for a number of years and the Flowmeter is designed to stand on the ground close to the pump.

krohne in line flowmeter
  • Rigid Steel Frame supports the Flowmeter and helps prevent accidental damage.
  • Fitted with Bauer type couplings.
  • Fully galvanised frame and fittings.
  • 12v Power requirement *.
  • Supplied with 6 mtr fused power supply lead with 3 pin connection to tractor
  • Display can be remote – see below.
  • Standard fit display shows: Actual Flow Rate M³per hour & Total pumped in litres between resets.

Note: This Flowmeter is the basic model which is designed for agricultural use only and can be upgraded and reprogrammed to suit customer requirement.


* Can be supplied in a fixed and permanent pipeline and supplied by 240v installed by an approved electrician.


Remote Head

tanlake flowmetering remote headThis is a reasonably priced unit which connects to the tractor power supply in the cab and allows the operator to monitor flow rate and total volume spread.
Duplicates information shown on the Flowmeter screen without the operator having to leave the cab to take readings.

This is a useful addition as it gives early indication of possible pump or pipeline problems.
Affixes to side window with its own suction pad with a 360 degree swivel for precise alignment.
Totaliser easily reset on the touch screen.
Approximate screen size 34mm x 128mm
* Available in Imperial or Metric Settings


Please Note:
This installation can also include a Siemens Flowmeter instead of the Krohne as shown.
It is also recommended that the remote head is used with the Krohne as the display is not as accessible on the Krohne. Protective covers are available for both models.