Krohne with Remote Head for Pumps

Krohne Flowmeter with Remote Display

krohne flowmeter 1This is an alternative application when the Flowmeter is installed in an inaccessible location or where there is excessive vibration likely to cause damage to the electronic components, for example on Engine Driven Pumps or some Applicators with restricted space.

Krohne Flowmeter Specification:

    • Fitted with PN16 8 bolt Flanges (on 100mm)
    • Available in 100mm or 150 mm tube
    • Pre wired with dedicated Screen Cable
    • Maintenance free
    • Supplied with Rubber Gaskets and M20 Earth Tags

 krohne flowmeter installed


krohne remote head

Krohne Remote Head Specification

  • Operates on 15-32v DC but a voltage converter can be installed for 12v applications – please provide information at the time of order.
  • Head must be attached to a firm base but away from any vibration area.
  • Connected to the Sensor with dedicated Screen Cables all pre-installed - *see below
  • Programmed ready for use.
  • Can be made compatible with SIL controls.
  • The two units can be up to 50 mtrs apart but there has to be good and practical conditions for cable runs

*Note: These are continuous cables between the Sensor and Remote Head and must not have plugs connectors or joins.

krohne flowmeter head