Protective Cover for Signal Converter

krohne signal convertor coverAlthough your Flowmeter is IP67 rated against water ingress, a need has been recognised for additional protection due to the harsh environment of the Slurry Industry.  

We have therefore designed and manufactured a plastic protective cover which will prevent contamination in the first instance, and give additional protection when washing down machines.

It must however still be borne in mind that the Flowmeter is an electrical instrument and should be treated as such, and in line with the manufacturers recommendations.



coverAs the signal Converter contains delicate electrical equipment it benefits from additional protection when used in an Agricultural environment.

  • Protects against water ingress and bright sunlight
  • Easily cut to shape to suit individual needs
  • UV Resistant
  • Helps to protect sensitive equipment against accidental knocks
  • Allows for hosing off equipment
  • Lifts off easily to read display
  • Acts as a deterrent against vandalism or outside interference