Tanlake FiF Slurry Monitor - Options

Tanlake FiF Cab Display


This is a reasonably priced unit which connects to the tractor power supply in the cab and allows the operator to monitor flow rate and total volume spread. Duplicates information shown on the Flowmeter screen without the operator having to leave the cab to take readings. This is a useful addition as it gives early indication of possible pump or pipeline problems. It also converts the Flow Rate and Totaliser to display in Metric measures. Affixes to side window with its own suction pad with a 360 degree swivel for precise alignment. Totaliser easily reset on the touch screen. Approximate screen size 128mm x 34mm


Tanlake FiF Cab Display fitted in Tractor Cab

remote-in-cabEasily installed with supplied single wire loom and connects to any suitable 3 pin power supply.
Can be quickly detached should tractor change be necessary.


Krohne Flowmeter fitted to a Dribble Bar

slurry-monitorThis is now a common application with a single cable into the Tractor Cab plugging directly into a Tanlake FiF Cab Display unit or a Tanlake DD Slurry Monitor.
A plastic protective cover is also available to prolong the life of the Flowmeter.



Krohne Flowmeter fitted to Slurry Tanker

krohne-flowmeterAs there are so many variations of pipework on tankers, in the ideal world provision needs to be made for a Flowmeter at the time of manufacture.
Tanlake Flowmetering work with many manufacturers along these lines. 
If the Flowmeter is to be retrofitted then a detailed survey needs to be carried out to find the best location for the flowmeter or a suitable location on the spreading implement. Both options are shown in the adjacent photographs.

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